About the SCPA

Academic & Artistic Requirements

Criteria for Acceptance into SCPA:

(1)     Demonstration of artistic talent and ability in one or more of the seven artistic disciplines in the SCPA curriculum.  Artistic talent is evaluated by SCPA artistic faculty members. 

(2)     Demonstration of satisfactory academic achievement as evidenced by grade reports and standardized testing scores from the applicant’s current and former schools

(3)     Demonstration of exemplary school behavior, discipline and attendance at the applicant’s current and former schools

(4)     Demonstration of a positive and enthusiastic attitude toward learning and an ability to work cooperatively with others

SCPA Admission Process for Students Entering Grades 4-12

Step 1:  Obtain written application and audition preparation packet from our website at www.scpak12.org or by visiting the school. 

Step 2:  Complete, sign and return the written application and all supporting materials to SCPA no later than 9 days prior to any scheduled audition date.  All supporting materials include: (1) Copy of original birth certificate; (2) Copy of report cards from the last 2 years; (3) Copy of most recent Standardized Test Scores (OAA, OGT, Terra Nova, etc.); (4) Copy of Immunization record; (5) Proof of residency (e.g. most recent utility bill); (6) Proof of legal guardianship (if applicable); (7) Current resume of artistic activities (high school students only); (8)  Recent photograph or head shot; (9) Out-of-district and out-of -state students must include a $25.00 application fee (cash or money order only made payable to SCPA); (10) SCPA Recommendation Form from both an artistic and academic teacher.  Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Step 3:  After receipt of your completed application and all supporting material, the school will notify you in writing of your exact audition date and time. 

Step 4:  Bring the completed audition preparation packet and any requested artistic supporting materials to your audition.  Be on time for your audition.  Students who arrive late to the audition will be required to audition at a later time.  Students who miss their audition day must notify the school and wait for the next audition.   If another audition date is not on that school year’s calendar, the student will need to wait to audition until the following school year.  This will require the student to complete the new application and participate in the audition process to be considered for acceptance.   

Step 5:  Students audition for the SCPA artistic faculty.  Parents are not permitted in the audition area.  Parents will have the opportunity to meet in the school auditorium with the SCPA Principal and SCPA Artistic Director.  They will review the audition procedure with parents and give an overview of school curriculum and policies.  

Step 6:  SCPA will notify you in writing of the audition result within 6 weeks after the audition date.  Possible outcomes of the audition are: (1) accepted to SCPA, (2) not accepted to SCPA, (3) placed in a reserve candidate pool.

Step 7:  If accepted to SCPA, the parent/guardian will be sent an acceptance letter and a registration packet.  The parent/guardian must fully complete the registration packet and the student and parent must sign the student/parent contract. 

Step 8:  Both the registration packet and the student/parent contract must be fully completed and returned to SCPA by the parent/guardian in order for the student to be registered at the school.  A reasonable deadline of returning the registration packet will be identified.  If the parent/guardian does not complete and return the registration packet by the deadline, that reserved spot will be given to another student. 

Important Notes: 

  • Submit your application and supporting materials early in the school year.  This allows your child to audition early in the process before spots begin to fill up.
  • Arrive to your audition at least 15 minutes early.  
  • Students may only audition once during a school year.
  • Students who are not accepted to SCPA may re-apply and audition again the following academic year. 
  • Students who are placed in the reserve applicant pool but are not accepted, must complete the entire application and audition process again the following academic year to be considered for acceptance into SCPA. 

Upcoming Audition Dates:

Auditions for the 2014-15 school year have ended.  Audition dates for the 2015-2016 school year willl be posted by August 1, 2014.